Bejeweled: The World of Ethical Jewelry


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Ethically sourced, sustainably mined gems and metals are increasingly sought after in today s luxury jewelry market. Buying and wearing ethical jewelry has become a priority for consumers in the wake of Charles Leavitt s insightful 2006 movie Blood Diamond, which told how conflict diamonds fund civil wars. Bejeweled is the first book to authoritatively cover this timely subject. Profiling leading international designers who are at the forefront of the ethical jewelry movement, this beautifully photographed book examines how the ancient art of jewelry making is powering a green revolution in chic jewelry for everyone. Included are the London-based Pippa Small, an early adopter of Fairtrade gold who works with local artisans in fabricating her one-of-a-kind pieces; Dewey Nelson, a Native American Hopi who works in reclaimed silver incorporating 1,000 year-old tribal motifs; and Loren Nicole whose jewelry features intricate hand-carved gemstones and pure gold alloyed in the same formula used by ancient Roman goldsmiths. Illustrated with exquisite photographs of individual pieces, featured both alone and on celebrities who are turning the Red Carpet green by wearing ethically sourced jewelry or on celebrities such as Cate Blanchett and Julianne Moore, this luxurious book is for jewelry lovers and design fans.

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Kyle Roderick

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Journalist Kyle Roderick is the founder and editor in chief of, a global high luxury jewelry report. Established in 2014, the review engages a diverse readership from jewelry aficionados, global brands, fashion influencers, and style fans. She also covers luxury, ethical and design-driven jewelry for an array of print publications. She is a former photo editor at the Gemologic Institute of America. Roderick lives in Malibu, California.



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