Drawing Animals 101: How to Draw with a Veterinarian’s Eye


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With her unique perspective as both an artist and a veterinarian, Mari Suzuki provides meticulous instruction on how to draw a host of animals. Exploring everything from a corgi’s expressions to a lion pouncing, Drawing Animals 101 teaches the basics in a way even beginners can grasp: the different proportions of various creatures, simple skeletal forms, how muscles attach, and other physical fundamentals. While an array of animals is included – from pandas and penguins to kangaroos and elephants–dogs and cats provide the template, because we can easily observe them and their wide range of movements. Each step-by-step project is done in pencil, giving the work a genuine figure-drawing feel for the winged and four-footed.

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Dimensions 216 × 279 mm

Mari Suzuki

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Mari Suzuki is a veterinarian and an artist who lives in Japan.



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Paperback / softback