Embroidered Cat in My Pocket: Techniques and Projects for Cute Fashion Accessories



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Five years ago, Japanese embroidery artist Hiroko Kubota’s embroidered cat shirts set the internet alight. Hiroko uses a technique that lets you ‘paint with thread’. It requires a small needle, single strands of embroidery floss plus lots of shades of the same colour, and two stitches – one bigger than the other – that repeat again and again. This adorable collection of five projects, core techniques, and templates lets you recreate Hiroko’s magic.

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Dimensions 180 × 230 mm

Hiroko Kubota

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Hiroko Kubota is a Japanese embroidery artist of extraordinary talent. At her son's request, she began embroidering shirts with cats, mostly peeking out from a breast pocket. After posting pictures of the shirts online, her work went viral, and the rest is history. See more of Hiroko's work at Instagram @hiroko_embroidery.



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Paperback / softback