Mind-Blowing Paper Puzzles Kit: Build Interlocking 3D Animal and Geometric Models


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Channel your inner M.C. Escher with these brain teaser puzzles!

These easily assembled 3D models are each composed of several identical pieces that cleverly fit together to make a large geometric form.

The cardstock pieces in this kit are all pre-cut, so you just pop them out and bend or fold them where indicated, then bind them together with a little glue. The step-by-step instructions in the book are very easy to follow and show you how to assemble the paper components, then how to fit them together to create the larger interlocking models.

These entertaining puzzles are impossible to put down!

They include:

Cute animal “couples” that form a 12-sided geodesic sphere when fitted together
A seamless 3D animal form with anod to Escher’s Sky and Water woodcut
A Reversible Dodecahedron that inverts itself when tossed into the air – with the addition of some magnets
An intricate Pyramid that contains a secret inner chamber

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Haruki Nakamura

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Haruki Nakamura is a Japanese author and paper engineer who has been creating complex geometric shapes out of folded paper for over 20 years. He designs mechanical paper karakuri animals and objects that interlock, peek and pop in surprising ways, thanks to cleverly hidden mechanisms. Nakamura's craft mixes that tradition with kirigami, an art that combines paper cutting with paper folding. Nakamura is also an expert origami and paper airplane designer.



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