The Official Bob’s Burgers Sticker Book


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Sure to decorate more walls than a gallery of animal butts, these hilarious and irreverent stickers feature Bob, Linda, Tina, Gene, Louise, and the other characters of the animated hit show. These stickers, which can be used to adorn everything from your Erotic Friend Fiction journals, notebooks, restaurant menus, or computers, will let fans of the show proudly and publicly show off their love of Bob’s Burgers.

Whether slapping a kuchi kopi on your travel mug, adding a Linda “Oh, my face!” to a mirror, or writing in personalised pun-filled burger creations items on the oversized menu stickers, readers of all ages will revel in creating their own Bob’s Burgers experience.

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Dimensions 121 × 165 mm

20th Century Fox



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Paperback / softback