The Ultimate Book of Origami Animals: Easy-to-Fold Paper Models [Includes 120 models; eye stickers]


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Fold your favorite origami animals-from cute Panda Cubs, Kittens and Penguins to the menacing Great White Shark and Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions in this book show you how to quickly fold 120 amazing animal origami models. Once you’re done folding them, you can decorate your creations with eye stickers to create a truly lifelike collection of creatures.

The following are just a few of the unique origami projects you can create with this book:

Three different kinds of cuddly Dogs and Cats
A pride of Lions
A floppy-eared Elephant, complete with pleated trunk and pile of poop!
A spiny-but-cute Porcupine-watch your fingers!
A sleepy-eyed Sloth-hang him upside down for a nap
A Panda parent and baby-including bamboo to munch on!
A playful Otter with her fishy snack
A friendly Flying Squirrel
An adorable pair of Bunnies, complete with crunchy Carrots!
Snakes, Lizards, Sharks, Crustaceans, Primates, Dinosaurs, and so much more!

Japanese author Fumiaki Shingu is one of the world’s leading origami experts, having published over 20 books on the subject. Fumiaki is an avid proponent of the art of origami in Japan, and he specializes in creating fun and easy-to-fold original origami models.

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Dimensions 191 × 254 mm

Fumiaki Shingu

Author Bio

Fumiaki Shingu founded his graphic design company City Plan Co., Ltd. in Tokyo in 1984. His popular artwork has sold in a variety of retail settings, from Toys "R" Us to Loft, and he has clients from New York to Paris. In 1998, Fumiaki started producing works featuring origami. Fumiaki went on to create Origami Club (, a website where he shares his love of origami and offers instructions for origami projects. He has written dozens of books on origami in Japanese.