Wooden Puzzles: 20 Hand-Made Puzzles and Brain Teasers



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Wooden puzzles are great projects both for the woodworker who builds them and for the end user who’ll derive hours of pleasure trying to solve them. They can be built from scraps of wood with just a few tools that any hobbyist woodworker will have in his or her shop. The key to successful puzzle-making is in maintaining a high level of accuracy so that puzzles go together (and come apart) smoothly and satisfyingly. Menold explains how to build a number of jigs that will allow you to make wooden puzzles to the same exacting tolerances that this master puzzle maker achieves with his collection of classic puzzles.

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Brian Menold

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A woodworker for over 40 years, Brian Menold began making wooden puzzles in 2009. His beautifully made puzzles are available through his website, Wood Wonders.



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