Woodworking with Power Tools: Tools, Techniques & Projects


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The debate over the merits of power tools vs. hand tools has raged for years, but the bottom line is that you need both to be a successful woodworker. Machinery provides efficiency for labor-intensive tasks such as sawing and planing, whereas hand tools are used to create fine details that machines can’t duplicate. Power tools don’t replace hand tools, they complement them.

In Woodworking with Power Tools, expert craftsmen and craftswomen explain how they choose, maintain, and use every kind of power tool, from tablesaws to plunge routers, bandsaws to bench planers. There’s advice on tool maintenance, techniques for getting the most from your tools, and projects made using power tools. With clear photographs drawings, and step-by-step instructions, Woodworking with Power Tools will be an essential resource for anyone who works wood. You’ll learn how to:

tune up your tablesaw
choose bandsaw blades for resawing
get started with your plunge router
install dust collection in a small shop
cut easy angled tenons
get better cuts with your planer
build a perfect picture frame, an elegant bookcase, and a pedestal dining table

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