Little Book of Heirloom Christmas Tree Decorations


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The heirloom Christmas tree is a silk miniature elaborately embroidered with a profusion of decorations, many of them based on those which Jenny Stephenson hangs on her large family Christmas tree each year. One of the joys of this project is that the complex effect is achieved in the main with the simplest of stitches – but they are worked with a luxuriant variety of silk and metallic threads, and embellished with a profusion of tiny beads and sequins. This book came into being as a result of a friend’s admiration of the first tree that Jenny made for her family. This led to the development of the current design, now taught in classes. The book clearly lays out the sequence to be followed in the tree’s creation, with each decoration fully explained, step-by-step, and illustrated with diagrams and a colour photograph. The instructions are precise, but there is much scope for creating your own version through the use of a different colour scheme for the balls and bells, beads of different styles and the addition of special trinkets that you may have hoarded.

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Dimensions 206 × 152 mm

Jenny Stephenson

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Jenny Stephenson has had a lifelong interest in embroidery and related textile arts and has been able to happily concentrate on these since her retirement from her full-time career in Occupational Therapy and Mental Health Education. Having been taught to stitch by her mother and grandmother, embroidery was an important part of her early life and their love for it was instilled in Jenny.



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